Are You Winning the Work You Want?

Are you beating the bushes and not finding work? Knocking on doors but not getting past the threshold? Ready for new work, and more customers?

Aurelia Consulting Services works with individuals and small-to-medium businesses. We teach you how to go after and win the work you really want to be doing.

The Portable You™is a strategic framework for career and business planning that allows you to

  • Understand your true customers
  • Connect more effectively with customer requirements
  • Win more of the work and business you really want

Aurelia Consulting Services, Inc. delivers business services and solutions to boutique, niche and services companies to achieve:

  • Higher visibility, brand recognition and engagement
  • More effective communications and marketing, using existing resources
  • Faster connection to next-tier clients

Aurelia Consulting Services also works with independent and mid-career professionals to reach and connect with employers and customers of choice, through traditional and social media, including LinkedIn. If you’re currently

  • experiencing “stuckness”
  • planning a career transition for any reason, including GoC SERLO, DRAP, WFA
  • not working where you want to be
  • not working at a level that matches your experience and competencies

Aurelia Consulting Services can help.

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