5 Differences Between A Resume & Your LinkedIn Profile

Blowing their own hornsIn a nutshell:

  1. A classic resumé is a sales document. Your LinkedIn profile is a marketing document. To elaborate:
  2. A classic resumé should be tailored in response to an advertised opportunity. Your LinkedIn profile should be tailored to attract the interest of your target customer(s).
  3. A classic resumé should answer the explicit requirements of a particular opportunity (“job ad”). Your LinkedIn profile should speak to the not-as-yet-fully-articulated needs and wants of a particular type of customer (“market segment”, “industry”, “employer”)
  4. A classic resumé places emphasis on what you did “then” as qualifications for what you can do “now”. Your LinkedIn profile should emphasize what you’re offering “now”, with enough substantiating information to make your offering credible.
  5. A classic resumé – especially for the federal government – must often be task focused. Perhaps it contains some achievements.Your LinkedIn profile should be outcome focused.

As a marketing document, the role of your LinkedIn profile is to attract the interest of your target customer such that they contact you and say “Tell me more!”

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