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Much Ado About Resume Keywords

Participants in my resume workshops have sometimes expressed an almost mystical belief in keywords. They urge each other to inscribe keywords like a magic charm at the front of the resume, at the back of the resume, in profiles, in … Continue reading

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The Other D&D, or, An Author Sticks to the Knitting

Guest blogger, artist and author Elizabeth Creith writes several popular blogs, including the Northern Knitting Goddess and Elizabeth Creith’s Scriptorium. Her recent post Going Up – The Elevator Pitch is highly relevant for readers of our blog, and for anyone … Continue reading

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Workplace Freedom: Not Just for Millennials

In 1999, while I was on contract to a former tech giant, corporate policy stated that the Internet was never to be used for personal use, and any and all use was logged and subject to checking. I found this … Continue reading

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