No More Rutabaga Wrangling: Now You Control LinkedIn Endorsements

Ever since LinkedIn introduced Endorsements, and permitted – nay, provoked – every well-meaning connection under the sun to endorse us – we have not been quite happy. Whether it was endorsements for peculiar skills (not ours), or skills we used 20 years ago in our first job; or a spate of endorsements from someone who never worked with us, receiving an endorsement was at best a mixed blessing. Some users turned them off in disgust, which diminished their chances of turning up in keyword and skills searches.

Now LinkedIn has given us three new ways to control Endorsements*. Here’s what to do.

Turn Off Endorsement Suggestions

Edit your profile. Edit the Skills and Endorsement section. In the example below, the settings allow you to be endorsed, but makes no suggestions to you or to your connections about endorsements. You might decide both of these setting are Ok kept on, but now you have the choice.

Endorsement Settings

Reorder your Endorsements

You can arrange Endorsements in any order you like, instead of the order being dictated by the number of endorsements. This is particularly useful for someone who has changed their career or their focus, and wants to highlight the major skills they are using now.

Drag and drop

While in Edit, simply drag and drop the skills into the order you want. The top ten skills will still be displayed as ribbons, while the others be in a horizontal list, with the first 15 displayed by default.

Remove Endorsements Made by Individuals

The option to remove a totally unwanted skill added by someone else has always been available. Now, you can also remove one unwanted endorser from one particular skill. Click on the Manage Endorsements tab and you can scroll down the list, bring any of the skills to the top and see the list of endorsers. To remove an endorser, uncheck their name.

Below is an example where the user has removed the checkmark beside endorsers who have never worked with her on Proposal Writing. Yes, it diminishes the number of endorsements for that skill. But the endorsers that remain are actually familiar with her work, which makes the endorsement more credible.

Manage Endorsements

That’s it! Now go fix those Endorsements.

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* Thanks to Donna Svei (@AvidCareerist) for the post that brought these changes to my attention.
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