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She Changed One Word…

A former colleague was facing a dilemma. Embedded with an old-style, large organization as a contract editor, she was hoping her next contract would be with a leaner, livelier company. But her phone wasn’t ringing with offers. Recruiters Should Have Been … Continue reading

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No More Rutabaga Wrangling: Now You Control LinkedIn Endorsements

Ever since LinkedIn introduced Endorsements, and permitted – nay, provoked – every well-meaning connection under the sun to endorse us – we have not been quite happy. Whether it was endorsements for peculiar skills (not ours), or skills we used … Continue reading

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Congratulations: You Just Got Endorsed by the Invisible Man!

You log into LinkedIn and up pops a new endorsement! It’s for Rutebaga Wrangling! From one of your LinkedIn connections…you glance at the picture…trying to recall that face…but there is NO FACE. Congratulations: You just got endorsed by the Invisible … Continue reading

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