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Dear Job Seeker: I Don’t Care If You’re Passionate

Yes, I know my HR department (whom I don’t control and to whom I pay insufficient attention) has asked for a dedicated, energetic, goal-oriented leader with a passion for quality. And I know your outplacement consultant has suggested you mirror … Continue reading

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Will Your Resume Open Doors?

“I’ve sent my resumé out dozens of times, and nobody answers.” “I gave them my resumé and that’s the last I ever heard….” You’ve spent hours on your resumé, incorporated multiple suggestions from friends, made multiple changes to please job … Continue reading

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How to Tailor Your Resume for a Bridging Job

Show You Meet the Requirements Whatever job you apply for, it is up to you to show that you meet the job requirements. Even a high school student, who may get cut some slack because of limited work experience, will … Continue reading

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