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Red Wagon Wheels or Jerking the Sense of Urgency

An old Walt Disney movie called Toby Tyler tells the story of an orphan who ran away to join the circus. His constant companion was a pet chimpanzee (“Mr. Stubbs”) who followed him everywhere. One day the clowns are practicing their act on … Continue reading

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Things That Go “Boom!”

I’ve posted before on the perils of fast-twitch hell, the thoughtless knee-jerk social media behaviour sparked by the desire to be fast and first. Now it seems we must either educate, or keep an unsleeping eye on our young social media managers, one of … Continue reading

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Reputation Killer? Careless Retweeting

We’ve all seen it: the clever headline on Twitter that makes us laugh, retweeted by someone we know. It has a link, but the tweet seems to say it all. It’s the end of the week, we’re in a playful … Continue reading

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