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So You Want to Be Our Employee: Hiring for Fit

Tired of using the same old behavioural competency tests? Find out what author/artist Elizabeth Creith did when hiring pet store staff. My husband hired exactly three of our pet store staff over the years. His approach was extremely informal. He … Continue reading

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How to Avoid an All-Nighter When They Ask for Your Resumé at Short Notice

You have a broad span of experience. You’ve been sending your resumé out diligently for weeks. You’ve tailored your resumé every time you’ve submitted it (or not). Today your agency presented you with a golden opportunity and asked for your … Continue reading

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Why Including a Competency “Grocery List” Doesn’t Work

“They told me to include all the keywords from the job ad.” My client hands me a resumé with a diligent grocery list of all the “competencies” listed in the job ad, plus anything else they can work into their … Continue reading

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