Twitter for Small Business

Using Twitter to reach and retain customers is an essential part of a modern business marketing strategy. “Do” Twitter right and win deeper engagement – more followers – more referrals – more click-throughs – more opportunities – and more sales.

At Aurelia, with our 30-year background in technical writing and decade of experience in social media marketing, we know how to do it right.

Twitter is Free, But Your Time Isn’t

If you’re like most small business owners, your hands are full running your business. You have no time to spend creating up-to-the minute marketing material, 140 characters at a time.

To meet your need to get the word out to customers – if only they knew you were there! – Aurelia offers Workshops and a highly customizable Co-Tweeting service. Co-tweeting is available for small business, independent professionals, and non-profits.

How Does Co-Tweeting Work?

  • You and Aurelia define a strategy to reach, retain and gain paying customers, respecting your distinctive voice and approach.
  • Aurelia creates tweets, drawing from your original content (e.g., your blog, website, or creative content; information about your events; your marketing material).
  • Aurelia creates pithy headlines and suitable links that attract deeper engagement (click throughs, calls, referrals, sales).
  • Depending on your customers and business needs, Aurelia can also publicize your information to LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Aurelia also helps you get the timing and the frequency of tweeting just right to reach your prime audience. When you are out of town, or on vacation, we make sure your content is still working for you and coming out consistently.
  • You continue to tweet whenever you have something you want to share – as often, or as infrequently, as you want.

How Do I Start?

Aurelia gets you going with a Twitter Launch package that includes:
– Strategy advice for you or your marketing person
– Setup with a toolset (Hootsuite) that makes administration and decisions easy
– Co-tweeting from Aurelia for three months

Once you are established, Aurelia offers a monthly Co-Tweeting Service package with a discount for annual subscriptions. Service price is based on
– Your primary business
– How much content you originate, and how much Aurelia originates for you
– How frequently you decide to share content

A non-profit with a predictable event cycle that wants to boost visibility and funding will typically pay less than a larger private organization that wants to build authority, influence opinions and boost sales.

For a free consult on your business and how Aurelia’s Twitter packages can best meet your needs, please Contact us today.